Friday, April 25, 2008


bickering simply means that agueing with each other

Eg. they are always blickering about their personal problems
Name: kuah quan fang (15) class: 1-2

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Goof around

Goof around

Definition: Have fun, make jokes

Etymology: Possibly alteration of dialectal goff, fool, from obsolete French goffe, stupid

E.G:When I always try to take a break from too much chores and as I lay down on my bed, my mother will shout: “Stop goofing around and get back to work!”

Benjamin (35) Class1-2

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Plopped down

Pronunciation: \ˈpläp\
Etymology: imitative
Function: verb
Definition: 1. To fall with a sound like that of an object falling into water without splashing.
2. To let the body drop heavily:
Sentence: She plopped onto the chair after a dreadful day at work.
1) plunk down
2) set down
3) plump down

comical grin

Meaning:Funny drawing back of the lips so as to show the teeth

Origin: comical=1400–50; late ME;
Grin=bef. 1000; ME grinnen, grennen, OE grennian; c. OHG grennan to mutter

Sentence: My brother had a comical grin in his face when he got home. Something funny must had happened.
ong wen zuo(21) 1-3

The Outsiders


Meaning:mechanically modified to increase the power or attractiveness

The correct term is "suped-up." "Souped" up is a gag that humorists in car magazines use as an example of someone being ignorant of the subject, eg: "This guy wanted to 'soup-up' his car, and asked me if he should use Tomato or Chicken soup."

Sentence: Trying to soup-up my appearance for my cousin's wedding tonight, I put on my dad's best suit and tie.